Exporting Data (legacy)

Data Export is currently only available on the old platform. It is coming soon to the new platform.

We all like exporting data... right! Well in this quick guide we will teach you how to satisfy your data mania, and you'll learn how to do it all by yourself.

Okay so on with it right? Yes.

Getting the Data 

  1. Take me there now! (Skip steps 2-5)
  2. Go to the Dashboard
  3. Click on your app
  4. Click the "Settings" tab
  5. Move down in the sidebar to the "Data" tab
  6. Now select your data format in the Format drop-down
  7. After choosing the format you'll want to select your data type. This includes various categories. Select all the applicable ones.
  8. Now you're ready to Export! Click "Create Export"
  9. Alright, you should receive an email any minute with a download link to your data!

Here is a GIF showing the whole process:


Sometimes things don't end up working out how we think they should. Well, that's why we have troubleshooting. It's for diagnosing what the problem actually is.

  • Help I didn't receive my email! 

Make sure you are checking the right email. Remember it sends it the email associated with your account.

  • There's no data!

Well, that's probably because there really isn't any data. If it's an empty set of brackets or an empty table then it's probably because there isn't any data in that category. If you know there is data in that category because you can see it on the portal, contact support.

  • The link doesn't work!

If the link in the email doesn't work make sure you try clicking the full plain-text link. If that still doesn't work you probably need to contact support.

  • I can't open my file!

Make sure you have a program that supports the format you chose. If you don't you may need to find one. The format for the file is included at the end after the period.

We are planning on making the data export feature better. If you have ideas or suggestions, please comment.

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